So Close

by Sparrows Rising

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This second release by Sparrows Rising features songs of longing and songs of loving, of struggle and of hope. Stacia Ray and Maygen Lacey, Sparrows Rising's singer/songwriters, have climbed difficult paths, and although they're SO CLOSE to being who they feel called to be, they still fall short. But they will continue to climb in their faith, and try not to dwell on the lows.


released December 16, 2016

All songs written and performed by Maygen Lacey and Stacia Ray. Take This With You, Acceptance, Father Help Me, Symphony, and Get Over It produced by Jeff Halland. Lullaby produced by Christopher Ray. Violin and Piano on Take This With You, Symphony, and Lullaby: Jessica Gensmer. Bass Guitar on Lullaby: Christopher Ray. Take This with You, Symphony, and Lullaby recorded at SPLICE® Minneapolis. Photography: Ally Jenson.



all rights reserved


Sparrows Rising Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sparrows Rising is Stacia Ray and Maygen Lacey, an Alt-Ethereal-Pop-Folk Christian duo...writing inspiring and encouraging music for a broken world. Might we all just act on our urges to do good and love others. ♥

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Track Name: Get Over It
You did it again…made a mountain from a molehill, petty stuff
You gotta rise above.
As you navigate your way
Through another weary day,
Remember these words:
An uphill battle is easier with nothing on your back.

Yeah, you gotta get over it…
gotta get over, gotta get over, gotta get over it.
You gotta shrug it away.
Yeah, you gotta get over it…
gotta get over, gotta get over, gotta get over it.
And seize the day.
Heal your heart, mend your mind, and climb your climb…
Get over it.

It's driving you mad…irritations and frustrations adding up
And you've had enough
As you try to push on through
It just chips away at you
Remember these words:
An uphill battle is harder when you waste your breath.


Grudges and troubles, things get so muddled
They'll tear you up inside
You best let them go, or before you know
You're swallowed up by bitterness and pride

Track Name: Take This With You
May the road rise to meet you, and the sun kiss your face
May there always be a miracle waitin just to bless your day
Life won't always hand you roses, don’t let it get ya down
Keep your eyes on what your goal is, and your feet on solid ground
Take this with you...where you go

You are loved, loved, loved, loved, loved, loved
You are loved, yeah you are

Might you walk courageously, through the valley of your doubt
Might you always strive to just keep, believing in yourself
When the trouble comes and it will, hold your head up high
Shine your light as bright as you can, til your trouble passes by
And always know


Life won’t always be hard
But when it is, don’t forget who you are
And the fact that you are
Looooooved, loooooved

...You’re great, don't ever lose sight of that
Track Name: Father Help Me
Father, can You hear me?
I am hurting, I need You now.
Father, please be near me.
I need to feel Your strength somehow.

I am afraid, lost and dismayed,
I am broken.
I feel so drained, I’ve got nothing left to say,
I am empty.

I cry out, I cry out: help me
I cry out, I cry out: help me

Lord, my hope has failed me
I can’t seem to lift my head.
Lord, my pain’s derailed me
I can’t seem to leave my bed.


I cry out both night and day
Incline Your ear to hear me pray
My soul is troubled and my heart is in a battle
I’m as good as dead.
I am tattered, I am tired
I am worn and uninspired.
They say You don’t give us more than we can handle
But I’m right on the edge.

I cry out, I cry out
Help Me
I cry out, I cry out
Help Me
Track Name: Acceptance
My hair is in knots
I've had negative thoughts
and I'm questioning every small thing
My house isn’t clean
I'm so tired I could scream
But at the tips of my toes I will sing

This is me, in all of my splendor
I have struggles, I have issues, I surrender
I'm a big ole mess…
But so are you
We're all complicated
We are flawed and we are frayed and we are faded
But we do our best, deserve nothing less...than acceptance

At times I feel blue, I’ve anxieties too
Exhaustion’s my only repose
But I wake up each day and press on anyway
And try not to dwell on the lows


There are days when I’m barely treading water
And the world won't cut me any slack
But I keep my head up and don't bother
Worrying who's at my back

Cuz this is me, in all of my splendor
I am bruised, I am scarred, I’m a little tender
But I’m doing my best
And so are you
We all do what we can
It’s a long and windy road but in the end...
...we need acceptance
Track Name: Symphony
I can feel You move in
Every inch of my soul and
I can tell You’re wanting me change
I know that this music
Is only what You make of it and I,
I know the notes are prearranged

So use my voice to sing Your melody
I’ll sing it as you please
I make the choice to live Your symphony
Cuz it brings me to my knees
When this life is hard on me
I find in You, sweet harmony

I've seen the way You polish
Even sharpest edges
When I present my flaws in honesty
And I know You are able to
Shine in all I say and do, and
Mold me in to what You see in me.

You know my heart
You have from the very start and
You know just where I’m headed
I sometimes forget that
My every regret, that
You forgive and forget it

Track Name: Lullaby (It Is Well)
Sweet baby, night is here
As the dark surrounds you, have no fear

Cause God is with you always
Close your eyes and feel Him in your heart
God is with you always
You will never be apart

Sweet darlin, you are blessed
May your peaceful slumber
Bring you rest


God will protect you while you sleep
He’s guardian o’er all of the night
Then come dawn you can go
face the world feeling whole
It is well, it is well, you’re alright

Sweet angel, know it's true
That it's not just God's love
But my love too

For I am with you always
Close your eyes and feel me in your heart
I am with you always
We will never be apart
Track Name: Be With Me
Be with me Jesus; I ask you to stay
Comfort my worries, through the night until day
In the darkness, Lord Jesus, I am the devil’s prey
So I beg of you please just stay, stay

In the mornin, My Lord; Try as I ma
I still need Your Mercy; Still need Your Grace
So if You dont mind, Sweet Jesus; Whataya say
Will you be with me always, ‘til my dyin day
Will You be with me always……’til my dyin day

repeat a verse of just humming
(Acapella end tag)….oooooo ooooo ooo